ants on sugar

During my flight home to Florida, after I had schooled my row and the rest of the plane in Song trivia (it was hardly fair; my rowmates were ahead of me, 3 drinks to none), the two not-quite-sober men next to me peered out the window as we made our descent. “Beautifahl out theah,” one said to the other. “Now, a day like this in Bahstin, you’d see people runnin’ around, enjoying the weathah, but heah, it’s just any othah day.” I wasn’t quite sure how accurately he was making this observation from 10,000 feet up, but today, as I walked home from work and watched runners, bikers, walkers, lovers, etc scurry about the banks of the Charles River, I could see what he meant. I’m sure from above, we would all look like ants on sugah –er, sugar.

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