“are you ready to introduce me?”

As he took the podium to rounds of applause before the start of his state of the union address, the president turned around and shook Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand, and the microphone faintly picked up his saying, “are you ready to introduce me? Let’s do it.” He marked the historical occasion and moved into his speech, but Pelosi literally remained in the picture, her middle torso flanking the president’s left shoulder. Her seafoam suit was a stark contrast to Vice President Cheney’s dark charcoal, and it caused me to observe congresswoman fashion in general. The long shots of the chamber revealed a scattering of women in garish primary colored suits: red was the most popular, but there was also blue, violet, and yellow.

As I pondered the state of our union, I pictured myself in the chamber and vowed to never wear a nasty colored suit — and to wear pants, which are also seemingly rare among Pelosi and her peers. I wondered what the consequences of that would mean for my political career and decided I would be a pioneer in sensible yet feminine pants and neutral tones, showing my flair with bright yet classy shirts and shells — an everywoman whose policies made the true statement.

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