bluetooth or crazy or –?

Apple may be set to sell its billionth app on Friday, but for me, the iPhone is all about convergence. I was always juggling my phone, iPod, and camera, missing calls while rocking out or scrambling to dig up my ringing phone while snapping a picture. Now I just shift seamlessly with the pinch of the microphone on the headphones.

Still, it must’ve been jarring for the people on my greenline train when, startled myself, I answered a call somewhere beneath Government Center. “Hello?” I said a little too loudly, breaking the commuting silence. LBC was on the line and she couldn’t hear me very well, so I must’ve screamed “Hello?” a few more times, now with the full attention of my fellow passengers.

“Where are you,?” she asked.
“The train.”
“I don’t know where that is.”
“The train?? The T?” I said in that harmless stern voice family use with each other but in fact sounds bitchtastic to strangers.

Later, LBC and I shared a laugh as I retold the story, but for my captive audience on the E Line inbound, I am forever branded as that bitch who was talking to herself.

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