Building a website is like having a baby, or rather, a Babe

We’ve all done it: while folding laundry or making our morning coffee, we practice our elevator speech or 20-second summary of what we do. I do it because I find that the more I toss around phrases like “governance” or “maintenance plan,” the more explaining I have to do. The other day, while putting on my makeup and reviewing my spiel, it hit me: building a website is like planning for a baby – for all the preparation, once it’s here, the care for it is just beginning.

I am loathe to use metaphors in blog posts (I find it gimmicky), and a baby might be the third rail of Web analogies (what happens when you need to audit the site, for instance?) But, well, just look at this guy.

This is Babe, the adopted pug belonging to some good friends of mine. One look at his sweet face and I have melted into metaphor madness.

So, here we go: like a good website, relaunched, Babe is friendly and adaptable to his new home. But, he presents a new layer of my responsibility to my friends. They obviously were prepared to alter their routine to accommodate feeding, walking, etc, but Babe has also challenged them in ways they didn’t anticipate, from having a bad reaction to his food to requiring an extra air conditioner so that he doesn’t overheat.

Not to oversimplify pet care, child care, or Web maintenance, but if we all start thinking of a website as a living thing that requires constant care and adjustment, then perhaps I can spend my elevator speech talking about something else. Like this cute thing that Babe did the other day.

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