Candy freaks, rejoice!

Candy freaks, rejoice!

Candy freaks, rejoice!, originally uploaded by Mind_TheGap.

In Candy Freak, Steve Almond’s homage to those of us with a somewhat unhealthy obsession with certain types of candy, the author referenced the Kit Kat Dark, which briefly graced the shelves of America before disappearing into the ether.

For years, I scanned the candy aisle in vain, searching for this dark unicorn, discovering lesser gems like dark M&Ms, Raisinettes, and Reeses cups along the way.

Last night, I did Almond proud, emitting what he would call a freak-like squeak when I stumbled across the fabled KKD in my local Walgreens. I thought about buying the whole box, but stuck to the 3/$2 special. Knowing that a scoop of Christina’s Taza 80% dark lay in my future, this freak maintained some decorum.

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