chasing The Decider

Mr. and Mrs. Decider are out of the country, on a cruise. Worried because I hadn’t heard from them since before they left, I sent a somewhat pleading email to them for information. The response?

Cabin nice Seas 10- 15 ft Gust upto 45 mph Patch Holding.

LBC and I had a chuckle over The Decider’s typing skills. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, knowing his iPhone typing isn’t all that great when he’s rushing. But then,

Swells now 20″,cancelled tom.stop looking at 4 days at sea, and it’s a little tough totype

Is it time to worry? We keep our eyes glued to the ship’s computer lab webcam, in hopes that we catch a reassuring glimpse of our elusive parents in their natural cruising environment:

where in the world is the Decider?

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