chatlog fun

Smoody: ???
Bush's Note Enlarged

KatieKeen: i know! it was on gawker too

Smoody: for real?
i love reading the full caption too.

KatieKeen: does it look real? it’s awfully dark
for pencil

Smoody: i don’t know. can reuters get hacked or something?

KatieKeen: but they might have just upped the contrast in photoshop

Smoody: the paper in front of him looks really dark too. so that might be likely.

KatieKeen: i like how it’s “bathroom break, question mark?”
you should read gawker’s little analysis
if you haven’t. made me giggle

Smoody: i will.
i got it off wonkette
i also like how he is asking condi

KatieKeen: i know, “is this possible?”
like, would it be bad form to take a pee break right in the middle of the UN assembly?
can you, as the Sec. of State, advise me on the diplomatic ramifications of this?

Smoody: ha!

KatieKeen: seriously, is that why he’s asking her?

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