chatlog fun: dating advice

We join this conversation already in progress:

9:30:01 PM JDiggity: well however you want to handle, i would make sure you make it clear he should call you
9:30:18 PM JDiggity: but i’m overly harsh toward the new txting lifestyle
9:30:27 PM Katie: i’m not even sure he texts
9:30:36 PM JDiggity: jdate?
9:30:39 PM Katie: okcupid
9:30:52 PM JDiggity: that’s the freebie, right?
9:31:01 PM Katie: i keep trying to wrest myself free, but dudes keep writing to me
9:31:11 PM JDiggity: what’s your profile name? not cause i want to look it up, cause i want to know what clever name you came up with
9:31:18 PM Katie: i am not telling
9:31:30 PM JDiggity: if you dont tell me i will be forced to guess
9:31:35 PM Katie: please do
9:31:36 PM JDiggity: sk8rgurl469
9:31:45 PM Katie: lol
9:31:46 PM Katie: no
9:31:59 PM JDiggity: lizlemonade
9:32:09 PM Katie: ohh, that’s good, but no
9:32:36 PM JDiggity: despr84u
9:32:52 PM Katie: wow, i had to sound that out. Really?
9:33:11 PM JDiggity: kiddiiiiing

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