chatlog fun, earth-shattering confession edition

KatieKeen: do you think tomorrow’s headlines will reveal that KSM claims to be responsible for okla. city,
KatieKeen: anthrax,
KatieKeen: and the war on christmas?
SMoody: ha ha.
SMoody: he’s so sorry about all the innocent lives lost
KatieKeen: i bet he’s sorry gitmo won’t release an updated photo, too
SMoody: do you think he’s even seen that photo?
SMoody: ugh
SMoody: i also liked that al-libbi was like eff you, i want a lawyer
SMoody: maybe he should have been the mastermind
KatieKeen: perhaps. i’m pretty surprised by this out pouring of juicy info
SMoody: to take attention away from gonzales?
KatieKeen: oh snap
SMoody: or rove
SMoody: the only thing missing from the “testimony” is how great the food and weather is in cuba
KatieKeen: i’m surprised they left that out, what with the mcdonalds and all
SMoody: oh shit. i just saw teh daniel pearl thing.
KatieKeen: that’s what i said
SMoody: well he didn’t admit to being the mastermind of the aqua teen hunger force incident
KatieKeen: –yet
SMoody: yes. i’m sure that will be the 4 pm breaking news alert
KatieKeen: they wanted to notify the Boston authorities first
SMoody: right. to give them time to overreact

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