chatlog fun, presidential debate edition

smoody: did you see this?
katiekeen: oh no
smoody: i want him to be our king
katiekeen: i haven’t read every blog, but you know what i’m thinking after last night?
smoody: mccain’s a dick?
katiekeen: well, that, obvimo
katiekeen: but town hall style is bad for mcain in this election
katiekeen: because he had to waddle around that stage
katiekeen: meanwhile, obama springs around like a gazelle
smoody: yeah we were talking about that earlier
katiekeen: a-ha! i’m not the only one
smoody: also he didn’t seem to understand that it wasn’t a mccain town hall with all the lame jokes
katiekeen: and, i was worried he was going to pass out
smoody: oof
katiekeen: like when he wasn’t completing sentences for a time?
katiekeen: i was like, omg, he really is old!
smoody: hmmm…. i don’t remember that part.
katiekeen: he might not make it through debate!
katiekeen: and i actually felt bad
smoody: i was doing work at the same time though so i wasn’t watching so much as listening
katiekeen: it was subtle. no worse than palin remumbling questions while she decided which talking point to bring up
smoody: yeah. but she just looks adorable when she’s dodging!

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