chatlog fun, rainout edition

Katie: as i’m sure you already know,
Katie: the sox have released a weather update
LBC: another one, in addition to this one that you sent
LBC: ?
Katie: yes, that page has been updated
Katie: quoting this:
Katie: <>
LBC: i’ll give you my own update: I was just outside and it is NASTY
Katie: fab
Katie:i brought longjohns and my snowboard jacket and gloves
LBC: honestly, I can’t imagine sitting through a game in this. I can’t really even imagine walking from the T. this might be an all time worst, re: conditions
Katie: really??
Katie:worse than the bow of the ship?
LBC: yes, I think it’s colder
Katie: worse than the time we wanted the hot dog guy to pour steaming hot water on us?
LBC: maybe

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