chatlog fun: terrorists — they’re just like us

Katiekeen: do you think it’s weird that in the courtroom sketch of the moussaoui hearing
katiekeen: he’s depicted holding a cup of coffee?
katiekeen: (see
smoody: that was weird… i had just clicked on that story on i was like, how did she know?
katiekeen: he’s also sporting a kind of “i love starbucks” grin
smoody: yes, the drawing is weird. it’s also weird that george washington is the judge.
katiekeen: true
katiekeen: although when you click on the story
katiekeen: the judge looks more like the church lady
smoody: ha ha
katiekeen: they [the courtroom drawings] sure beat that ol’ mugshot
katiekeen: of Z-Oui
smoody: exactly
smoody: ha ha. is that his rap name?
katiekeen: it should be
smoody: maybe you could become his prison girlfriend.
smoody: you don’t have to tell him you’re jewish.
smoody: and then you could write a tell-all memoir.
katiekeen: Z-Oui and Me

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