During the second game of yesterday’s doubleheader, LBC and I watched as a new pitcher warmed up in the bullpen. We couldn’t figure out who he was; a sidewinder, but too tall to be Mike Myers, and BHK is long gone. Soon, the mystery pitcher stepped out of the bullpen to relieve John Halamamamamama, and the big-screen scoreboard read, “Cla Meredith.”
“Clah?” I said to LBC. “Is that a typo?”
“Today marks Cla’s major leage debut,” said the scoreboard.
“I don’t think they’d mispell it twice,” said LBC.
The P.A. announced, “your attention please, now pitching for the Red Sox, ‘Clay’ Meredith.”
“Clay” proceeded to walk the first two batters he faced, loading the bases. I told LBC that I was going to call him “Clah” until he got his first out: the out the Red Sox needed to get out of the inning. Instead, he gave up a game-losing grand slam. Welcome to the Show, Clah.

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