cue the cuteness, raise the organization?

According to, um, the people I follow on Twitter, the site unveils their new layout tonight. At first blush, this new format — which promises to preview links and add context to the 140-character blips and their sources — changes everything for me, perhaps saving me from the horrid fragmentation that my brain is becoming thanks to having thousands of quick tidbits hurtling at me every time I log on.
For instance, my thought process tonight was not unlike my feed as I skim it on a busy evening:

Clean up the living room — oh, here’s some mail — should bring that wedding invitation with me — pack a snack — should grind coffee for tomorrow — do the dishes now — trash needs taking out so it doesn’t get smelly — what perfume am I wearing? — I’ve run out, should order more — checkmyemailcheckFacebookcheckTwittercheckthenews — what’s this travel ad? — oh, i should print my confirmation — wait, what’s this about Twitter?

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