fall “solstice” in a college town

On an unusually mild night, Halloween coincided with not only a Saturday, but also daylight savings. A strong wind stirred piles of leaves all day, and by nightfall, trick-or-treaters swarmed the sidewalks alongside adults in costumes ranging from typical (devils, zombies, Jesus) to the brilliant (cupcake, Bill Lumberg from Office Space, and Harold, Kumar, and a life-size, living bag of weed).
Warmed by pumpkin beer against the slight early morning drizzle, this Liz Lemon side-stepped piles of wet leaves and listened to the surrounding roar of a party in every other house. Safely home, she heard a group moving loudly down the sidewalk. Instead of slurred garble, they were quoting the “let the record show” portion of last week’s episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Greetings from Halloween in Cambridge, 2009.

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