fun with chatlogs

LBC: have you seen the florida quarter?!

Katie C: yes. i’m the one who told you about it

LBC: oh. nevermind.

LBC: i just came across it for the first time

Katie C: an embarassment it is

LBC: so much wasted space

LBC: and since when is florida the gateway to discovery

LBC: I have NEVER heard that

Katie C: yep. i mean, look at vermont

Katie C: yeah. thanks Jeb.

LBC: i think they just made that up just for the quarter

Katie C: plus, doesn’t Ohio also have the shuttle on it?

LBC: and how are palm trees “discovery”

LBC: ohio has an astronaut

LBC: why?

LBC: john glenn?

LBC: yep, neil armstrong and john glenn

LBC: ohio natives


LBC: a NINE person committee came up with this think

LBC: thing

Katie C: well their mistake was putting it to a vote

LBC: and floridians VOTED this?

Katie C: such a realistic design, really

LBC: oh, the irony!!!!!!!

Katie C: i mean, when i think of sitting on the beach

LBC: florida’s voting woes strike again

Katie C: i like to think of a 16th-century Ship

Katie C: with the space shuttle flying overhead

Katie C: because it totally flies that like, btw

LBC: forget this. I am going to the vending machine to rid myself of this wretched quarter!

Katie C: not like the little speck we would see when there’d be a launch up at the Cape

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