game log

i thought about writing this down as it came to me last night, but then i felt that would make me too much like the Sports Guy, whom I have grown to loathe (I’m pretty sure he hates women). so, here is what i remember:

top of the first 1st inning (10:14 PM): I am an electronics genious. I’ve attached the AM antenna to my audio receiver so that I can listen to WEEI’s commentary rather than ESPN’s.

bottom of the 1st: that gigantic wad in Terry Francona’s mouth is…bubble gum? awesome.

top of the 2nd: (Bellhorn gets picked off to end the inning) I’m really glad I’m not hearing the ESPN guys call that one.

bottom of the 2nd: ESPN keeps showing Pedro’s pants pulled down to his heels. Again, I’m really glad I’m not hearing Boomer’s commentary. The batter calls time and Pedro steps off the rubber. The Angels fans yell “Balk!” and I say to myself, “they don’t know a baseball from their asses.” It’s been two long innings and I’m already starting to get delirious with exhaustion.

Innings 4-6: [i was asleep] I snarf awake just after Varitek’s home run.

Bottom of the 7th: Pedro is still in the game with a slim 4-3 lead. I figure I missed him doing something spectacular in the past 3 innings to warrant his still being in the game. I pray a little. I’m so tired, my mind starts to wander and I realize Vlad Guererro is really cute. I reprimand myself for even thinking nice things about the Angels. I hate Thundersticks.

Mid-9th: I stumble to bed. I figure even Foulke can’t blow a 5-run lead.

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