how TV doctors deal with grief

How many times have we said to ourselves, “Why do I watch this show?” And yet there we are, on the couch on a Thursday night, or worse, on the couch at a later date because we’ve remembered to record the damn thing with DVR. I may have reached my nadir over the past few days, when I suddenly realized I was comparing how “Grey’s Anatomy” and “ER” show the different ways their characters deal with grief. First there was “Grey’s” Izzy, who improbably tried to kill the patient she was in love with, so that he had to be next in line for a new heart. Naturally, he died, and now she spends her days looking weary and baking muffins — hundreds and hundreds of muffins.

Contrast that to “ER’s” Neela, whose husband was killed in Iraq. She returns to work the day of his funeral. She seems OK, but apparently she has resorted to drinking herself nearly blind when she’s not at the hospital. I can’t believe I’ve spent the time to reason that Izzy may be crazy, but at least she’s only going into a bar to drop off more muffins.

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