i can’t feel my legs

Things began to get a little surreal last night around the 12th inning, when DEiddy and I, numb from standing too long and delirious with hunger, left the chilly SRO outskirts and headed down to the boxes in hopes of finding some food and seats. Of course, no one was leaving (and the concessions had stopped serving sometime around the 9th), so we instead wandered back and forth on the walkway, about 10 rows back from the field, huddling behind the standing fans. With the players so close, the lights so bright, our sense of time faded. I didn’t see Papi’s game-winning hit, but I knew what happened — as I had all game — by judging the crowd’s reaction.

I know he probably can’t wrap his head around the idea that I was at the game and actually gave a shit about something more significant than my nail polish color, but props to the Sports Guy anyway, because he hits the nail on the head on this one.

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