“i hate this time of year”

I could hear the woman from across the coat department: “I HATE this time of year,” she screamed, as she lugged an armful of 50-percent-off coats from one rack to another. In a glance, i could see something stuck on her forehead; I wondered what her coworkers thought of her editorializing, or if they were too scared of her to point out the thing stuck to her face.
Ten minutes later, it was my turn to approach the woman, who was now manning a register. Now I looked at her directly, and could see that the thing on her forehead was a shiny sticker: “2006.”
The wrath was gone, and she turned on the enthusiasm. “Are you ready to see the big markdown?” she asked.
“Yeah!” I said. The excitment was contagious.
“Ready…there it is!” she said. The $200 coat was just $85.
I love this time of year.

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