Itunes survey, stolen from Z-Dub.

iPod/iTunes stats:

How many total songs?
3530 songs; 9.2 days, 16.21 GB

Sort by Song Title – first and last?
first: “‘Til The Tide Creeps In,” The Thrills
last: “Youthful Expression,” A Tribe Called Quest

Sort by Time – first and last?
first: 0:46 – “Dead Duck,” Badly Drawn Boy
last: 30:05 – “This Dust Makes That Mud,” Liars

Top Ten Played Songs
1. “Diabolic Scheme,” The Hives
2. “On My Way,” Ben Kweller
3. “Most of the Time,” Bob Dylan
4. “Music When the Lights Go Out,” The Libertines
5. KEXP Live (stream)
6. “After Hours,” A Tribe Called Quest
7. “Bonita Applebum,” A Tribe Called Quest
8. “Can I Kick It,” A Tribe Called Quest
9. “Left My Wallet in El Segundo,” A Tribe Called Quest
10. “Calling it Quits,” Aimee Mann

Find ‘sex’, how many songs show up?
A paltry 6, and most are by The Faint.

Find ‘death’, how many songs show up?
45, thank you Death Cab for Cutie.

Find ‘love’ how many songs show up?
165. Does this make up for my lack of ‘sex?’

Music: “Wear You Out,” TV on the Radio

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