July 4th weekend, lessons learned and observed

The afternoon low tide reveals an excellent sand bar at Crane beach.
A box of fried clam bellies from Woodman’s is a perfectly acceptable dinner.
An iPhone can improve a road trip.
The baby cows at Richardson’s ice cream can make a kiddie cone especially charming until you start to smell their poop.
The Esplanade will fill by 11 a.m. and is impassable to those on a morning stroll.
Liquor stores are open.
Biking with a package of toilet paper under one arm is a bad idea (fortunately, the guy discovered this before making it out of the parking lot).
There can never be enough bottles of beer.
When old mix-CDs are on the stereo, eventually someone starts demonstrating how to do the running man.
Playing Rock Band, buying farm-fresh zucchini, and falling asleep while watching the Sox on TV are all fantastic ways to celebrate independence.

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