jumbotron, a little love

During those in-between years when the Boston Celtics were not blindingly awesome and winning championships, their fans were a curmudgeonly group. They had a tough team to love, their beloved “Gahden” had been reduced to rubble, and the new, sterile Fleetcenter kept all of the team banners, retired numbers, and traditions, but none of the charm.

These days, the C’s are blindingly awesome, and at nearly every home game, their fans can almost rest assured that the Green will pull out a win in the end. The crowd can turn their attention to other pursuits, namely, getting on the Jumbotron. The game on the court runs parallel to the game that begins at home, in front of a mirror, when bright green afros are donned, stomachs and bald heads are painted with shamrocks, and someone says, “yeah, what a great idea to wear a green full body suit tonight.”

At the game, they participate in a vigorous competition to get noticed, by dancing wildly during every time out, waiting for that moment when they see themselves staring back from the giant glowing screen. They do their signature move and proclaim victory, until the other guy with the lime green mullet steals back the spotlight, and the cycle begins again.

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