Marlins = Scott Stapp inspiration?

I don’t know what to make of this:

On the one hand, I fear a curse of Ruthian proportions; what happens when one of the worst singers from one of the worst bands on the planet tries to needle his way back into popularity by proclaiming that your ocean-based baseball mascot will “soar?”

On the other, I’m listening to the lyrics and thinking, “hey, that wouldn’t make a bad Gray team song.” If I was 16 and had penned that stuff to the tune of a Creed hit, I’d be hailed as a genius! The Blue team would shake in their dress shorts as we scream-sang our way to Song Meet victory.

But then, I remember that I’m not 16, and neither is Scott Stapp. And this isn’t summer camp color war, this is Major League Baseball. If you can’t write the greatest thing since “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” (or “Tessie” a la the Dropkick Murphys circa 2004 -ed.) then please, remove the microphone from your over-dramatically tight clutches, pipe down, and have some peanuts.

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