maybe if i keep sleeping, it’ll be fixed when i wake up

At 6:11 on a Wednesday morning, the residents of a semi-sleepy Cambridge street were jarred from their beds by the sound of a jackhammer. “Are you kidding me?!” they exclaimed to their bedmates/bed bugs/invisible friends. Bright orange trucks lined the street outside, and a work crew who more resembled Pats fans than city workers was minding a generator and readying a bulldozer. A white-haired woman in a white nightgown and white sneakers padded slowly up the sidewalk towards some of the men who were just standing around. They said something to her, and she quickly turned around and walked home. After the initial shock, the people in the houses settled in to hearing the loud noise, and they adjusted to another shock: their water was off. Two hours later, there was a rectangular hole in their street, the workmen now sported bright yellow rain boots not unlike those that came into ladies’ fashion last year, and a hose was pumping muddy brown water from the hole into the street.

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