my boys

Bored with the broadcast selection, I stumbled to the OnDemand edition of TBS’s “My Boys.” The premise: PJ, a cute, female sportswriter, is tight with a posse of male friends. I watched with dumb fascination at the similarities between the main character and me. Judging by the first episode, I can see that PJ seems to spend the majority of her time playing softball and poker with the “boys:” her married brother, her former roommate, and the two Single Guys. She also has a token female friend with whom she can be girly and who will do her hair for her when the Cute Guy comes over to play poker.

Although the show strikes a chord (I was nearly a sportswriter, have played poker [and videogames, and snowboarded] with my boys, and have suffered the same forehead-slapping frustration when the Cute Guy comes along and can’t quite cope with all the other guypals), the truth is, I genuinely like being girly with my female friends, my boys have all moved off or paired off, and all I’m left with is the shattered knuckle I got while playing softball.

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