my continuing love/hate for

I’m quick to criticize I’ve always hated their photo galleries (“you won’t get more clicks out of me, no sir!”), and I’m repulsed by my own compulsion to check it many times a day, in search of breaking local news but sidetracked by “Love Letters” or the Red Sox notebook.

Still, this video is undeniably quirky and cute. I’ll even forgive the “Viral Video” heading under which it falls (“It’s not ‘viral’ if you purposefully — oh, nevermind.”) The editing is crisp and the timing is just right. I applaud the editor who says, “sure, go find the worst slush puddle in the city and make a story out of it.”

However, I think about how much more traction the “Shaq-o-meter” got within my social media circle, and wonder if should also be taking cues from their readers: Will we next see a “viral video” featuring a giant cardboard cutout of Shaq positioned next to various snowdrifts? A girl can dream.

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