New Yorker video: craving an iPad and Jason Schwartzman

Today, I received a link to this as part of my weekly “in this issue” New Yorker e-newsletter. In between giggles, I’m realizing it’s terribly effective because it a) makes me want an iPad, b) reinforces the value of my subscription because I will one day enjoy it on said iPad, and c) demonstrates the touchscreen utility of a pronounced nose.

CORRECTION: Apparently, use of the app is not included with a subscription. This is about as deflating as spotting Jason Schwartzman’s wedding ring in the opening sequence. I’d pay $4.99 for the app, but not for each issue.
The comments on the announcement and in the iTunes store are overwhelmingly negative. In the end, the magazine creates a viral video that just calls more attention to their warped notion of how they’ll survive in the 21st century.

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