(not) catching ice cream

not catching ice cream

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Our trip to Austin would not be complete without a visit to Amy’s Ice Cream. I had heard about my fellow Jumbo’s success in building a chain in Texas and wanted to try the Mexican vanilla I had seen around town. It wasn’t busy at all in the shop, and we chatted with the guy behind the counter. As he made my crush (ice cream mixed by hand with a topping) of Mexican vanilla and nutter butters, I told him about how the similar smoosh-ins were my favorite to make from my brief stint at Herrell’s. I declined his enthusiastic invitation to relive those glory days behind the counter, but I wasn’t off the hook. He said, “Well, you might not have wanted to make your own, but I am going to make you catch it.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. He handed me two bowls and recommended I use two hands. My disbelief turned into confidence. I was Gray Team captain; I could do this.

Then the guy said, “the catch is, you have to do it from across 6th St.” I thought he was kidding. 6th is the famous drag in Austin where all the UT kids mingle on the weekend. Where we were, it was a busy four lanes jammed with Whole Foods traffic.

Immediately, I was dodging cars and darting to the other side of the street. A mother and two kids who had been in the store joined the ice cream guy, Ryno, and Dr. Webstein outside. Ice cream guy counted to three and chucked my crush. For a minute, I was back in right field, I had it.

Unfortunately, as I backed up, I hit the curb. Bowls, ice cream, and I all tumbled to the ground. Fortunately, ice cream guy made me another, ate the original which was now caked in grass and dirt, and he gave me half-off for my efforts.
Click in the photo for more detail. More SXSW and Austin pix here.

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