one woman’s treasure…

In the grocery store today, I had my eye out for some broccoli in the produce section, but I was immediately distracted by the gorgeous, gigantic artichokes. I immediately pictured one steamed, cooled and in a bowl, a blooming centerpiece for my dinner guests to pick at, dip in balsamic vinaigrette, and ooh and ahh over its sprawling green splendor.
Five minutes later, in the checkout line, I noticed how the cashier and the bagger had a special camraderie. The bagger said, “So you’re finally feeling better Dee?” “Yeah, finally.” “You know we missed you around here. Everyone was asking about you.”
Dee picked up my artichoke to scan it. “Hey look. Artichoke.” She waved it in the air.
The lady bagging stopped and said, “I will never eat one of those. Ick. Too much to get caught in your throat.”

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