playing chicken

I unexpectedly found myself out and about on Saturday morning, and feeling hungry, I decided to try DD Smart, the new health-conscious breakfast options from Dunks. Maybe it was the over-sugared medium regulah I was sipping, but I was feeling pretty content as I sat in the sun and munched my egg white sandwich with turkey sausage.
I gleefully peeled off some extra melted cheese and took a bite, balancing the remainder in the sandwich wrapper. A gust of wind sent the cheese to the ground, right under my dangling foot. I was momentarily disappointed, but quickly forgot about it until the numbers of pigeons, house sparrows, and seagulls seemed to noticeably increase in the surrounding five-foot radius. They must have been watching me the whole time, waiting for the dribs and drabs that surely drifted to the ground in this spot, day after day.
One pigeon in particular seemed determined to be the, er, cheesewinner, but even though it dared to come within a foot of me, it couldn’t overcome that last hurdle: my foot, hovering dangerously over the melted morsel. I sat dead still to see if the bird’s appetite would eventually win over, but the flock was taking off, and it had to rush to join them.

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