Here are a few examples of my projects. I’m happy to send specific samples if you tell me more about your needs.

TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals

New owner dashboardTripAdvisor dashboard

  • Concept: Build single brand post-login experience for customers who were previously on three separate platforms.
  • Role: Content strategist, UX writer





FlipKey listing page

  • Concept: Update existing page to increase new sign-ups by vacation rental owners
  • Role: Content strategist

Fidelity Investments


  • Concept: Migrate and revise content as part of project to move pre-login pages to new template design.
  • Role: Content strategist

Museum of Science, BostonFirefly Watch

Firefly Watch
2008 MITX award winner in the education and learning category

  • Concept: An online citizen science project to encourage everyday people to observe firefly activitiy for academic research.
  • Roles: Editor, copy writer, administrator

Washburn ClimbWashburn Climb

  • Concept: Promote participation and fundraising for Mount Washington climb that honors the museum’s late founder, Brad Washburn.
  • Roles: Project manager, writer, editor, information architect


  • Concept: Online extension of in-exhibit “virtual human” interactive component.
  • Roles: Project manager, writer, information architect, video interviewer


FrontlineThe Meth Epidemic

The Meth Epidemic

  • Concept: Companion website to program that aired on PBS on February 14, 2006.
  • Roles: Project co-manager, writer, copyeditor, interviewer for Web-only Q&A

Video: A Glimpse Inside Guantanamo
Part of “The Torture Question” companion website.

  • Concept: Use cutting-room-floor footage to create Web-only feature that shows a seldom-seen part of Guantanamo prison.
  • Role: Producer

Comparing the DietsComparing the Diets
Part of the “Diet Wars” companion website

  • Concept: Offer side-by-side comparison of the fad diets featured in the program.
  • Roles: Researcher, writer


Boston Phoenix

These pieces ran in the weekly paper and online at thephoenix.com.

  • Right-click to Learn: Second Life offers students a virtually real education.
  • Stars on Snow Some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders got their starts on the mountains of New England.