rain beats king kong

Inman Sq. passers-by could hear the familiar “Looney Tunes” theme music coming from the parking lot of the East Cambridge Savings Bank. There was to be a showing of King Kong at 8:30, and organizers from the Brattle were warming up the crowd with some old Bugs Bunny favorites, projected onto an adjacent wall. Hipsters brought their takeout Dunkin’ donuts sandwiches and sat alongside families munching popcorn. A man sat in a director’s chair behind the projector. With subtle waves of his remote, he queued up cartoon after cartoon. The kids in the front row laughed unabashedly at the Daffy-Bugs-Elmer Fudd gimmicks I had seen a hundred times over but forgotten, so they were funny to me too. Suddenly, I felt a drop of rain, and then another. Everyone glanced nervously over at the master in the director’s chair. He slowly held up his hand, palm-up, before non-chalantly grabbing a tarp to cover the projector. The current cartoon finished, but the show was postponed until the rain stopped. King Kong would have to wait.

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