sent mail

To: JPants
From: Katie
Subject: Dandys

JPants — saw the Dandys last night, and thought of you. I can’t believe the last time I saw them, i was with you, Beth, Chris, and Jean — all moved away. So sad. In the time since then I have managed to date two Dandys fans, one of whom was there last night. awkward. I felt bad about not talking to him, but then I realized he was there with a girl and probably didn’t want to talk to me either, and I decided that life is more funny than awkward.
Anyway, they played “TV Theme Song.” They claimed to have not played it in forever, I wonder if that’s true. Courtney was losing his voice, but they still sounded pretty good. I guess their “B” game is better than most bands’ “A” game anyway.

Hope you had a nice T-giving — did you go home? I did, and cooked my first turkey. It was delicious.


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