shuffling, on shuffle

(Narc – Interpol) A bitter wind ripped through the streets this morning, tearing through my thinsulated coat as if it were cotton, making me suddenly aware of what underwear I chose this morning. Despite the bright sunshine, it seemed to be lightly snowing; (Time is a Force – Jim Guthrie) the gusts of wind were whipping what was left of Sunday’s 1-3 inches into a glittering dust, showering pedestrians (Merchants of Soul – Spoon), obscuring them for a moment as if they were caught in a cheerful blizzard (Triple Trouble – Beastie Boys). I pop a cough drop (Animal Machine – The Vines) and wait in the freezing cold (Spin the Bottle – Juliana Hatfield) for the bus (Use It – The New Pornographers).

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