snapshots from a trip home

  • In the parking lot for the new Greenwise Publix (the local supermarket chain’s answer to the Whole Foods down the street), a teenager driving a gas-powered golf cart asks us if we need a lift to the door, 50 yards away.
  • The mall is sleepy on a Friday afternoon, but at the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe sale rack, ladies are buzzing like worker bees; $345 is a bargain, after all, for a pair of Prada flip-flops.
  • At a 7:20 p.m. screening of The Visitor, I am the youngest person there by 20 years, and the key facts of the film are repeated in whispered stereo around me.
  • It’s 10:45 a.m., and I’ve already sweated through my shirt on the tennis court, but sending aces whizzing by my father’s head, followed by lunch and a pedicure with mom, make it totally worth the trip.

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