Solving other communication problems via Twitter

This weekend’s Podcamp Boston only reinforced my belief that Twitter really shines in a conference setting. The networking relationships we establish while standing in the coffee queue are a little too informal to be exchanging digits, and a quick follow of the hashtag on Twitter is so convenient for finding / scheduling lunchtime breakout sessions. It has me wishing for such an effective form of communication in other parts of my life.

For instance, my noisy upstairs neighbor:

katiekeen: @yippydoglady It’s a bit late to be knocking boots, could you wrap it up?

Or, my crowded bus on a rainy day:

katiekeen: The window seat next to me has a puddle on it. I’m not hogging two seats, I swear! #mbta69

And, any number of the people/cars I encounter while walking to work:

katiekeen: @puddle_splashdriver jerk


katiekeen: @slush_splashdriver f#&!ing jerk


katiekeen: @blizzard_crosswalk_ignorer Is it snowing in your car?


katiekeen: @sidewalk_bike_rider Put on a helmet, buck up, and ride in the street.

Finally, to those who deserve my empathy:

katiekeen: @monday_cheerleader I see what you’re doing on that street corner each Monday morning, and I love you for it. Don’t ever change.


katiekeen: @funeral_procession I’m sorry.


katiekeen: @US_service_members Thank you.


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