sour, hysterics

My latest discovery in gum (Altoids peppermint) has also coincided with my new-found love for Sour Patch Kids, setting me up for a fateful trip to a Rite-Aid in New Hampshire this weekend. We went into the store so that DEiddy could get a bag of SPKs; I figured I’d talk him into sharing later on. I was milling around the aisles when I spotted promotional dispensers of the new Altoids Sour Gum. Compulsive gum-buyer and tryer that I am, I bought both the cherry and apple flavors, and we headed off to our movie.

Soon, I was ripping into the tin of cherry gum. I passed off a piece to Mr. McH and took one for myself. Mr. McH was stoically quiet, but I just lost it, hysterically laughing. The stuff was like trick gum; I imagined myself as Francis’s dad in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

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