SXSW pt 1

Here’s my first day, in chronological order(my at-the-time notes in parenthesis):

  • Sound in Sound records parking lot: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. We get there just in time to hear “Timorous Me,” and he takes requests from the crowd.
  • Jane Mag. party: We recognize the guy at the door as Dan from Real World Miami, but we don’t say anything. We see Tiny Shapes, (sound alarmingly similar to Ted Leo,) and What Made Milwuakee Famous (lost Ryno to Pitchfork party).
  • Pitchfork party: Spankrock (from Baltimore); Matthew Dear; Love is All; Ryan picks up a Simple hat from the ground, says “don’t worry, I’ll wash it,” and stuffs it in his back pocket (Ryno is a swag whorehe’s savvy), RjD2; Art Brut (memorable quotes: “We will never be professional.” “Top of the Pops!”). Art Brut is our early candidate for best act of the day.
  • Ryno wins tix to the pitchfork festival. He adds them to his pocketsfull of swag.
  • After a dinner break, we go to Stubb’s: The Subways (they crazy; buy the single; rest of album forgettable); Metric (seizure-inducing light display in a good way).
    Back on the street, we watch SXSW hispsters mingle with the few UT kids in town out for St. Paddy’s. We see a guy wearing t-shirt that says “Green Shirts Are for Pimps.” Shansky likes another that says: “That’s Funny, your dad calls me daddy.”
  • We pass Owen Wilson on the street. In a sea of thousands, he’s impossible to miss.
  • Finally, at the Fox and Hound: Animal Collective. I am fond of this band for when I’m walking around with my ipod, doing some serious thinking and snapping pictures, so I guess it’s no surprise that as I enter my 21st hour of being awake, I start daydreaming and wander around with my camera.
    More pix here.

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