The Laws of Two Feet and One Friend

Unconference Board
Over the past two months, I have attended two “unconferences,” for which participants set the session topics, and the “law of two feet” is in full effect. I’ve learned to relish this practice, whereby if session is not what you thought it was, or you feel the concurrent discussion down the hall might be more interesting, you can simply walk out without risking the ire of the host.

Now that I’m turned on to TLoTF, I greatly miss it while slogging through a more conventional conference. I try to counterbalance the forced captivity by deploying my own law of one (new) friend. Networking is work, and it’s exhausting, but I greatly value meeting the Titlist digital marketing manager while waiting in the beer line, or the seasoned copywriter sitting nearby before the UX talk. If we can’t walk out in the middle, then we might as well not suffer alone.

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