The MBTA could use a lesson in storytelling

When I first moved to Boston, the T was enchanting, whisking me from Somerville to downtown with a quick Red Line ride, or over to my sister’s on a leisurely Green Line jaunt. Over time, I grew to understand its imperfections: taking an hour to cross the Charles River is ridiculous; trains and buses are more frequently off schedule than on time; and bus drivers have a sadistic need to lurch us to the floor or leave us freezing at bus stops.

Recent accidents caused by driver error have turned our irritation into fear, and ragging on the MBTA has been the grump du jour around the city for the past few years. Still, train nerd that I am, I was delighted to stumble across this today via Twitter:

After doing a little research, I can’t find a link between the filmmaker (possibly an Emerson student?) and official MBTA communications, which is a shame. Personal storytelling like this could really help the T bolster its image. Meanwhile, see you on the cattle car!

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