the smell that sticks

We’re a gum-chewing family, so it’s customary to offer to share when rummaging out a pack from one’s purse or pocket. With LBC, however, the conversation always goes like this:

“Want a piece of gum?”
“That depends. What kind is it?”

LBC does not like fruit or anything fruity, so she has a right to be skeptical. After all, ever since I discovered the discontinuation of the wonderfully strawberryish sticks of Extra original bubble flavor (not to be confused with “classic bubble”), I have been on a relentless pursuit of its equal, and am always snatching up pink packets of potential from the checkout aisle.

Still, I might have met my match with my latest trial, Orbit Positively Pomegranate. I stored it away in the kitchen, and overnight, all of my snacks were infused with its pungent flavor. I put it in my purse, and now my purse smells like it. After quarantining the gum, I still taste it in new potato chips carried in new ziplocs that shared a drawer with the gum for a night. LBC may be right; maybe gum should be limited to spearmint, peppermint, and winterfresh.

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