there’s a DB in my PB

There are a few things that we can hold sacred in life, and peanut butter is one of them. Over the past five years or so, I’ve gotten serious about my PB, developing a taste for the natural stuff, salted, with no extra sugar or hydrogenated oils. I perched myself so high atop the natural peanut butter soapbox that my mother gave me an ill-advised “nut butter maker” over the holidays (sorry Mom, but I’m set on keeping Everett, MA’s Teddie in business).

I read the news about tainted, salmonella peanut butter in disbelief. Peanut butter?!! AND peanuts?!?!?! Lunch boxes across the country are in peril. Secret jars stashed in office desk drawers are being scrutinized. Bags of trail mix are being called into question. Things we once took for granted as a guaranteed, somewhat healthy fill-me-upper are being threatened, and I hope this guy and his sham of a business gets everything coming to him.

UPDATE: Mom, for your benefit, the list of affected products.

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