things that were better before they were big

    • Coldplay (“We’ve never played a football stadium before,” said a sheepish Chris Martin as they opened Mixfest at Boston’s Fleetcenter, circa 2001.)
    • Karen O (Ripping her tights, opening for Sleater Kinney long before she became the absurdly costumed “it” girl for backing vocals.)
    • Social media (Remember when only the cool kids were on Friendster?)
    • Web-enabled phones (It used to be a treat to check baseball scores. Now we feel inconvenienced when we can’t.)
    • The Office (Pam and Jim having a baby really makes me nostalgic for the days of the jello-enclosed stapler.)
    • Jake Gyllenhaal (Remember Donnie Darko? Hell, remember The Good Girl or Lovely and Amazing?)
    • Fast-food burritos (Qdoba’s monstrosities literally overshadow their predecessors at Boloco and Anna’s taqueria.)
    • Email (I swear I used to write letters to my friends that were good enough to be stamped and sent in the mail. Now we exchange one-line quips via Facebook or text message. Actually — that might be an improvement.)

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