On a bus trip to Allston, and on the train ride home:

  • the slow-moving couple walking along the sidewalk in Harvard Square, one person moving slightly ahead of the other who uses a cane, the first moving as if she were dragging him
  • the man with headphones on the bus; he is later joined on his seat by a large woman, also wearing headphones. Since they boarded separately, they appear to not know each other, but engage in full conversation, both still wearing their headphones.
  • fed up with the cars blocking the bus stop in front of him, the driver surges ahead, cuts off those cars, and stops to let passengers off
  • on the T, a man with a bedazzled 76ers logo on his hat uses a matching bedazzled cell phone.
  • the newly-renovated Park Street station leaks snowmelt from above ground onto the Green Line platform.
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