Trainspotting, restoration edition

From its grassy knoll along a Kennebunkport, Maine back road, an MBTA bus seemingly transplanted from yesterday’s commute beckons visitors into the Seashore Trolley Museum. On past drivebys, it might have been a Red Line train or ancient open-air car, but the effect was the same. Finally, on a sunny drive up to Bath, I was answering its call.

We glimpsed the museum’s vast collection of subway cars from all over the world as we rode a functional 1930s New York trolley along a portion of the abandoned railway line to Biddeford. Volunteers maintain the track and contribute to the painstaking restoration of these relics, and the finished products sit like shiny ghosts in dusty sheds scattered throughout the train yard.

From its inception, the museum has been a place for train lovers to preserve the things they love, and each passing of the seasons ages the cars scattered outside around the grounds — each awaiting its turn in the restoration shed.

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