trainspotting, west coast edition

My trip began with a man in the Logan security line accusing me of dropping a gray plastic bin on his shoeless foot (I didn’t) and my plowing through a group of obnoxious Up With People-type campers in order to get to the cab stand upon my early morning return (sadly, that’s true). In between I hit the Sunset Strip with JDiggity and JPants, braved L.A. traffic (but whimped out on taking the 405), saw the Getty Museum, sang karaoke with the guy who plays Shawn Brady on “Days of our Lives,”


…geeked out at the tar pits, saw the tallest waterfall in OR, hiked a trail of rain-soaked mud without falling on me bum, geeked out again with Goonies quotations at Haystack Rock, and rang in year 27 with the Shansk accompanied by much mix CDs, fruit salad, and Portland roses.

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