voted the best place to meet someone

Saturday night, i was meeting Pretzel at the newstand, aka the Pit, in Harvard Sq. While I waited, I took care to people watch, because everyone who meets anyone in H-Sq goes to the newsstand. Some people wait anxiously, checking their watches and cell phones every few minutes. Others browse the magazines: Wired, Stuff, Time etc. Harvard freshmen meander through with shopping bags full of things that in a week they’ll realize are junk. All the while, the pit kids sit by the T entrance, looking to give the impression that they’re up to no good but in truth are just taking ciggy breaks and listening to music.

To my left was a tall man with a messenger bag, waiting beside his bicycle. A few feet away from him stood a woman with broad shoulders and a ponytail. Soon, a man walked up to her. They greeted each other shyly and he said “nice to meet you;” they were on a blind date. After a bit of small talk — he had walked there, the weather was so nice — they walked away together. A few minutes later a girl got off the T and kissed the guy with the bike and they walked off. A man to my right finished a conversation on his phone and I contemplated walking up to him, pretending I was looking for my blind date, but then I didn’t know what I’d do if Pretzel showed up, so I left him alone.

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