What would Elvis do? Check my French

Nine days after my first pilgrimage to Graceland, I found myself making a peanut butter-banana sandwich, Elvis-style (mashed and toasted), after a long day. I realized that since that fateful rainy Sunday in Memphis, I think about various scenarios in a “What Would Elvis Do?” manner. (How would Elvis deal with this overly tart mango? How would Elvis manage this seemingly impossible project?)

The sentiment is exacerbated by the fact that my Graceland visit also brought new lessons about the king, particularly his “Taking Care of Business” band, which Elvis commemorated with his trademark “TCB” lightning bolt logo. He not only wore a custom amulet of the thing around his neck, he also put it on the tail of his plane.

Takin' Care of Business

Although I do like to take care of business, I’m not one to turn what’s more popularly known as a Bachman Turner Overdrive song into my motto. Fortunately, I also spent this week vicariously experiencing SXSW through a sampling of blog dispatches, and I keep coming back to thephoenix.com’s coverage of Odd Future’s performance at the Fader Fort. Although the video probably doesn’t do justice to the mayhem they describe, Odd Future’s “French” knocks the wind right out of me.

The song’s refrain, “Check my French,” sticks with me the way “Poker Face” resonates with the pop tarts. The song is nasty on its own, and feverish and almost threatening live, but “Check my French” is a maxim I can get behind, even if — or maybe especially because – it might just be a more ladylike alternative to “suck my dick.” In times when I’m asking myself “What would Elvis do?” I need “check my French.” It’s how I take care of business.

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