wholly inappropriate

At first, I was overwhelmed; LBC and her cohorts were shooting off rapid-fire comments as quickly as the scenes of the Golden Globes’ red carpet flashed on the screen, like gofugyourself on speedread. No one was safe; not Geena Davis in her “iparty dress”, or Terry Hatcher’s fake exuberance, or even little Sandra Oh’s gushing acceptance speech or Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ thick Irish accent. However, after a few slices of birthday cake and the resulting sugar high, I was slugging away with the rest of them, so that by the time “Desperate Housewives” won for best musical or comedy series, I deftly picked up on Felicty Huffman barely containing her disdain for the bevy of brainlessness around her, and we all concluded that Mary Louise Parker was appropriately stoned.

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